Wisconsin Divorce Records

Are Wisconsin divorce records publicly accessible?

The answer to this question is yes. Divorce records are generally public in Wisconsin and can be accessed by anyone who has the right to access them. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if the divorce records contain information that would identify a minor child then all the related information is not available to the public.

How to find a divorce record in Wisconsin?

To find a divorce record in Wisconsin, you can know the county where the divorce was filed. Once you have found out which county it was filed in, you can go there and file an access request or search for online records with the website of that court. Or you can look up the divorce records in the state court. You can also do that there in-person or online. The following is where you can access the Wisconsin divorce record officially:


What information does a Wisconsin divorce record contain?

A divorce record in Wisconsin will contain all the documents created during the divorce, including the divorce certificate (a document that states the dissolution of a marriage), and the divorce decree (a court order that is issued by a judge to officially end a marriage). It will also include all the related files and a summary of the issues that were contested in the divorce proceedings.

The information available in a divorce record in Wisconsin can be quite extensive. It will include:

  • Names of the parties to the divorce
  • Date of the divorce decree
  • Property settlements, child custody agreements, if any

What are divorce certificates in Wisconsin?

A Wisconsin divorce certificate is a legal document that is to prove the dissolution of a marriage. It includes the basic information of the divorce (such as the date and location) as well as the parties involved (their names). You’ll be able to get the divorce certificate from the office that is keeping track of the divorce records in Wisconsin, and a lot of the time use it as a simple proof of divorce. A Wisconsin divorce certificate is a document that works in some limited uses: showing you’re single, applying for a name change, getting a passport or visa.

What are divorce decrees in Wisconsin?

A divorce decree in Wisconsin is a document from the court that legally dissolves a marriage. It must include specific information about the spouses and their marriage, as well as any relevant information about property and children.

  • A grant of all property rights to each spouse;
  • A division of any property or debts acquired during the marriage;
  • An order for custody and visitation in regards to any children from the marriage;
  • An order for child support if one spouse will provide it to the other spouse.

Divorce decrees are publicly accessible in Wisconsin. People can get a certified copy of divorce decree from the clerks, in-person or online.