Nevada Divorce Records

Are Nevada divorce records publicly accessible?

Divorce records in Nevada are public records and can be accessed by anyone. However, there may be some information included in a divorce record that is confidential and cannot be released to the general public. For example, the names of minors who were involved in a Nevada divorce proceeding would not be released.

How to find a divorce record in Nevada?

The first thing you should do is look at the website of the court in Nevada. There you will know whether or not they maintain records of divorce cases online, whether they have the functionality for you to search divorce records in the state, and how you can access these records. Or if you know the county where the divorce took place, you can do that on the county court website.

Here you’ll find the portal to the Nevada divorce record database:


What information does a Nevada divorce record contain?

Divorce records in Nevada contain a lot of essential information about the marriage and divorce of a couple. They include basic information of the divorce, like where and when the divorce took place, and the personal details of the parties of the divorce. With these details, divorce record is helpful to you if you are doing research on an individual in Nevada and know more about them.

Divorce records in Nevada usually contain information about the divorce process, such as:

  • Date of marriage
  • Date of divorce
  • Names of spouses
  • Name and address of the court where the divorce was filed
  • Name and address of attorney for one or both parties

What are divorce certificates in Nevada?

In Nevada, a divorce certificate is an official document that certifies that a marriage has been officially ended. It includes the basic information of the divorce (such as the date and location) as well as the parties involved (their names).You’ll be able to get the divorce certificate from the office that is keeping track of the divorce records in Nevada, and a lot of the time use it as a simple proof of divorce. A Nevada divorce certificate is a document that works in some limited uses: showing you’re single, applying for a name change, getting a passport or visa.

What are divorce decrees in Nevada?

A divorce decree in Nevada is a document from the court that legally dissolves a marriage. Issued by a judge, it contains more details than a divorce certificate. The exact content of a decree will vary depending on jurisdiction but typically includes:

  • The date of the divorce
  • The names and addresses of both spouses
  • The custody arrangements for any minor children
  • Any alimony or child support payments, and how they should be paid
  • Any property settlements agreed upon by both parties

There are different ways to find a divorce decree in Nevada. You can go to the clerk’s office to request a copy of this document, or search for it through the online legal database.