Kentucky Divorce Records

Are Kentucky divorce records publicly accessible?

Divorce records in Kentucky are public records and can be accessed by anyone. However, there may be some information included in a divorce record that is confidential and cannot be released to the general public. For example, the names of minors who were involved in a Kentucky divorce proceeding would not be released.

How to find a divorce record in Kentucky?

In order to find a divorce record in Kentucky, you will need to know the county or city the person is from. If you have this information, you can search for the county or city divorce records in the court of that place, either in-person or online. You can also search through a statewide database in the state court or other official government websites at the state level. Specifically, you can look up the divorce records in Kentucky at the websites below:


What information does a Kentucky divorce record contain?

Divorce records in Kentucky contain a lot of essential information about the marriage and divorce of a couple. They include basic information of the divorce, like where and when the divorce took place, and the personal details of the parties of the divorce. With these details, divorce record is helpful to you if you are doing research on an individual in Kentucky and know more about them.

The information available in a divorce record in Kentucky can be quite extensive. It will include:

  • Names of the parties to the divorce
  • Date of the divorce decree
  • Property settlements, child custody agreements, if any

What are divorce certificates in Kentucky?

A divorce certificate in Kentucky is a document that shows a marriage has been legally terminated. It includes the basic information of the divorce (such as the date and location) as well as the parties involved (their names). You’ll be able to get the divorce certificate from the office that is keeping track of the divorce records in Kentucky, and a lot of the time use it as a simple proof of divorce. Unlike a divorce decree, a divorce certificate in Kentucky can only be used for limited purposes, such as inheritance, name change, and getting married.

What are divorce decrees in Kentucky?

A divorce decree in Kentucky is a legal document that is filed with the court when a marriage has been terminated. It is usually granted by the judge when the case has been heard and decided on, and may contain information such as:

  • The date of the divorce
  • The names of both spouses
  • The custody arrangements for any children
  • Spousal support payments

Divorce decrees are publicly accessible in Kentucky. People can get a certified copy of divorce decree from the clerks, in-person or online.