Idaho Divorce Records

Are Idaho divorce records publicly accessible?

Divorce records are generally considered to be public information in Idaho. However to protect the safety and privacy of the parties involved, especially children and the victims of violence or abuses, some information contained in a divorce record can be redacted or sealed so that it cannot be obtained randomly by anyone.

How to find a divorce record in Idaho?

You can start by searching for the name in the index of the court, usually at the state court or the county court where the divorce was filed. If the records have been digitized, you can also search for the name of either party in the online databases of these courts and see if they have records of their divorce.

To search the Idaho divorce record online at the state level, you can visit:


What information does a Idaho divorce record contain?

Divorce records in Idaho contain information about the marriage and divorce process of a couple, as well as the documents created during the process and proceedings. By looking into this information, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of the background information of both parties involved in this divorce.

The information you’ll commonly get from a Idaho divorce record is:

  • Date of the divorce and when it was finalized
  • Information about the two parties
  • Assets and liabilities that were divided in the process
  • Description of any asset division and custody arrangements

What are divorce certificates in Idaho?

A Idaho divorce certificate is a legal document that confirms the marriage has been legally terminated. It includes the basic information of the divorce (such as the date and location) as well as the parties involved (their names). It is not prepared by a court. Instead it is issued by the government body in Idaho that keeps the records of divorce, and can be used as a simple proof of divorce. Unlike a divorce decree, a divorce certificate in Idaho can only be used for limited purposes, such as inheritance, name change, and getting married.

What are divorce decrees in Idaho?

In Idaho, a divorce decree is a legal document that is filed with the court and finalizes the divorce. Issued by a judge, it contains more details than a divorce certificate. The exact content of a decree will vary depending on jurisdiction but typically includes:

  • The date of the divorce
  • The names and addresses of both spouses
  • The custody arrangements for any minor children
  • Any alimony or child support payments, and how they should be paid
  • Any property settlements agreed upon by both parties

Divorce decrees are publicly accessible in Idaho. People can get a certified copy of divorce decree from the clerks, in-person or online.