Public Divorce Records For All American States

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What is a dissolution of marriage record (divorce record)?

A dissolution of marriage, a.k.a. divorce record, is a document that contains all information about the divorce of a couple and its legal proceedings. It usually includes the names of the couple, the reason for the divorce and other details.

This document is very important in that it is a legal proof of the existence of a divorce. It can be used to provide evidence in court proceedings or for other legal purposes, such as child custody, child support, and other family law cases.

Are divorce records public?

Most of the time, the records of a divorce are available to the public. The information inside, if not sealed, can be accessed by anyone. You can usually find them in the courthouse at the state or county level, which is typically where divorces are filed.

The following is a list you can find out more details about looking up divorce records in each state:

What information can you usually get from a divorce record?

The following is a list you can find out more details about looking up divorce records in each state:

It depends upon where the parties file for the divorce and  But in most cases, you’ll be able to get the following:

  • Where and when the divorce is filed
  • Personal details of spouses
  • Grounds for the divorce
  • Issue date of the certificate or decree of the divorce

Despite its openness, some information included in a divorce records may be sealed for privacy reasons. And you may not be able to access it in this case.

Why is divorce record lookup important?

There are many reasons why people would want to access divorce records, as they show the divorce status of someone. They may also want to know if their partner has been divorced before, or if their partner is still married to someone else.

Also, the divorce record is an important part of an individual. It provides a wealth of information about the past of the person. It tells you their background, their economic status, and the reasons for their divorce. By looking up their divorce record, you’ll have a clearer picture of that person.